Maisie Munches
Spring is here, and so are Scones DSC_0506

Spring is finally here! Ah yes, the sweet smell of daffodils as you cross the Rotunda, and the sun shining through the trees as gentle notes of the wind whistle through – a combination of nostalgia and happiness overwhelms even the saddest of students. People start to walk with a spring in their step, and march to a different drum. The hotter days call for colder drinks and lighter eating fares.

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Panini and House Salad - Basil 
Funfetti Cookies
Food at the Forum

Food at the Forum


Something that I absolutely love about this city, outside of the University buildings, the Rotunda, and good ol’ TJ, is Charlottesville’s food scene. Such a high-sensitivity towards local foods, supporting surrounding farmers, and eating mindfully is what I have learned more through living here. Where else can you go to college and dash on a bus downtown and drink coffee from one of the nations…

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Homemade rustic breads with Basil and cheese
Red Velvet cupcakes
Nacho tower
Clean Sweep DSC_0353


Do you ever have those days where things are half eaten, you’ve got that carton hogging up the fridge with only 2 eggs left, or maybe some vegetables that are about to go bad? Here are my 3 tips to cleaning out your pantry or fridge and not letting anything go to waste. We are after all, frugal thrifty college students, or at least trying to be, no?

1. Leftover: Wilted greens from the…

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Picnic with the best people in the countryside @annacronin @jordanec93
Patience is a Virtue

Caramelized Onion Pasta


Recently I have felt the pressure of time crushing my back, like this huge backpack full of nothing but rock and brimstone. I must finish this paper, that assignment is due in a few hours, oh and while you’re at it…try and have a social life! (am I right?)

The first word that came into mind is patience….”Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions…

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